What is Physical Literacy?

It’s more than just exercise!

Statistics show 8 in 10 Australian children are not active enough. and Sport Australia CEO Kate Palmer says it is especially crucial to help children develop physical literacy – the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for healthy lives.

“Physical literacy is far bigger than just teaching our children how to play sport, ; it’s it’s about putting them on the path to healthier, happier and more active lives,” Palmer said.

“You don’t don’t give a young child a book and expect them to understand it confidently without first teaching them how to read. S, so why can’t can’t we place a greater emphasis on teaching every child to be active, which is a fundamental skill that will benefit them every day, for the rest of their lives?

“Society often talks about the role of physical activity in combating health issues like obesity, which is true, but there’s there’s so much more to be gained by teaching our kids the necessary skills to be active, including improvement to mental health. That means things like helping kids learn better in school, building their confidence, self-esteem and motivation, helping them form social connections and friendships, plus boosting their strategic and critical thinking skills.

“Physically literacy is about holistic development – physically, psychologically, socially and cognitively.”

For more information on The Australian Physical Literacy Framework, visit www.sportaus.gov.au/physical_literacy

Want to develop your child’s child’s physical literacy? Join your nearest KinderGym today!

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