KinderGym turns 40!


KinderGym recently celebrated 40 years of fundamental movement-based learning for children under five.

The KinderGym program started in South Australia in 1980 after Dr. Carol Pinnock was inspired by a movement program for pre-schoolers that she attended with her son in Berkeley, California.

Supported by the community and allied services, KinderGym quickly grew, and by 1986, 10 satellite programs were running across Adelaide.

In 1984 communications between the Australian Gymnastics Federation and the KinderGym Association of SA commenced, and by 1993 KinderGym became a national program embraced by Gymnastics Australia.

The first KinderGym program in Australia was held in Unley, SA and catered for 47 children. Today 40,000 Australian children participate in the program annually.

Forty years on, KinderGym remains relevant to the community and is the second most popular activity for children aged 0-5, after swimming.

What makes KinderGym unique is that the program is specifically tailored for children under 5, developing them socially, cognitively, emotionally and physically. At KinderGym, parents and caregivers play an active role in each class. It’s a great opportunity for you to connect with your child and share in their fun and development.

“What I find most rewarding about KinderGym is the personal development of the kids. At the beginning of the term, they can be really shy, but by the end of the term, their personalities shine, and they become very social ,” says Next Generation KinderGym Leader, Thamsin Sharrad.

KinderGym Leaders are qualified and nationally accredited. Leaders are there to assist with your child’s development and to tailor each activity to your child’s child’s age and developmental stage to ensure they get the best out of each class, all while having fun!

It’s the Leaders and the community spirit that have contributed to KinderGym’s KinderGym’s long history, with many parents grateful for the long-lasting friendships that are made between children and other carers attending.

KinderGym parent, Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist and Physiotherapist, Sam Offord loves the fundamental movement skills that his daughter learns whilst in a play environment.

“KinderGym is a great program to be able to develop those fundamental movement patterns because you do it as part of the program, and you don’t have to be taught, ; it’s all within what KinderGym offers. It’s fun and engaging, and it’s it’s with accredited and really qualified staff.”

In the way that kids are taught to swim so they can survive in water, KinderGym teaches the skills children need for land, school and the big wide world.

KinderGym gives children the building blocks they need for physical development and is a great basis for them to progress to their chosen sport once they turn five.

For over 40 years, KinderGym has given Australian children the start they need for a full and active life.

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