Movement-based learning and fun

In the same way that you teach your child to swim so they can survive in water, KinderGym teaches your children the skills they need for land.

You’d be surprised at just how many kids start school without knowing how to do some basic movements properly and safely, such as rolling, running and catching.

What’s great about KinderGym is that the child’s mother, father or carer will also benefit from sharing in their child’s fun and enjoy getting involved.

Parents are actively involved at KinderGym and are encouraged to share play, rather than direct, allowing for real benefits from their child’s self-initiated play.

The incredible nationally accredited KinderGym Leaders focus on developing fundamental movement skills which are critical to a child’s development.

These physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills help to develop children in preparation for school.

Not only that, but your cheeky child will love interacting with other kids in a fun, colourful and exciting environment. Each week is a new adventure with new themes to explore!

KinderGym is the best way to start your little one on whatever pathway they choose – whether it be ready for sport, school or simply a lifelong love of movement.

There are over 30 affiliated KinderGym programs in South Australia, ; there’s bound to be one near you!

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